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TBTI Project Manager receives President’s Award for Exemplary Employees – Champion of Innovation

Vesna Kerezi, TBTI Program Manager and Communication Specialist was recently awarded Memorial University’s President’s Award for Exemplary Employees in the Champions of Innovation category.

Assessing the Risks, Vulnerability, and Response Capacity in the Fishing Communities of Telchac Harbor and Dzilam de Bravo, Mexico

This Spring, the CINVESTAV-Merida fisheries lab, in collaboration with TBTI Global, organized two workshops that focused on the risks, vulnerability, and response capacity in the Dzilam de Bravo and Telchac Puerto fishing communities in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

Think Solutions: Think Small-Scale Fisheries, Infinity Fish & Food-Climate Biodiversity

Join us for an afternoon of talks and stories about three large-scale initiatives related to small-scale fisheries across Canada (TBTI Canada), economics and the future of fish and fisheries (Infinity Fish), and solving the sustainability challenges at the food-climate-biodiversity nexus (Solving-FCB).

Celebrating 2023 World Fisheries Day: New Era of Support for Small-Scale Fisheries

After several years of online celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TBTI Global finally celebrated the World Fisheries Day in person again! This year’s event was centered around the theme of the New Era of Support for Small-Scale Fisheries, building on the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (IYAFA 2022), celebrated worldwide last year.

2024 SSF Regional Symposium

We are pleased to share with you the announcement of the “2024 SSF Regional Symposium” Series, which will be jointly organized by TBTI Global and the local partners. The Symposium is an all-encompassing space to share stories, experiences, and lessons about small-scale fisheries, as well as to discuss and explore options and opportunities for supporting sustainable small-scale fisheries. The theme for the 2024 SSF Regional Symposium is ‘Bright Spots ~ Hope Spots.’

From counting fish to exploring the human side of fisheries: My journey into small-scale fisheries research

Nova Almine recently completed her Master’s degree in Geography at Memorial University in Canada where she studied dried fish value chain dynamics in Thailand. Her study demonstrated the adaptability of dried fish actors as fishers, producers, and vendors who embraced digital marketing strategies to deal with pandemic-related challenges.

TBTI Philippines Conducts 2nd ExeCom Meeting

The National Consortium for Small-Scale Fisheries (SSF) Research and Development or Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) Philippines had its Second Executive Committee Meeting last 13 November 2023 at the Batangas State University ARASOF – Nasugbu (BatStateU ARASOF-Nasugbu). The 2nd ExeCom meeting was hosted by the BatStateU ARASOF-Nasugbu.

New e-book release: The Gift of Community

This book is a follow up, or a continuation rather, of the 2019 book titled ‘Life Above Water: Essays on human experiences of small-scale fisheries’. The aim of the the new book is to explain how they come together and how they must be seen as a whole.


The book covers a wide range of concepts and themes that help make sense of small-scale fisheries as an important global phenomenon. Prof. Berkes also shares insightful lessons from his prolific academic life, along with some personal stories about the major twists and turns.

Small-Scale Fisheries Open House – World Ocean Week 2021

During the World Oceans Week (WOW) last June, TBTI partnered with local, national, international and inter-governmental organizations from around the world in organizing the ‘Small is Bountiful’ event that featured a series of online webinars and panel discussions about smalls-scale fisheries.

Governing in an uncertain time: the case of Sakura shrimp fishery, Japan

Known as the “Jewel of Suruga Bay,” Sakura shrimp has long been an important fishery that supports the economy of the local communities in Suruga Bay, Shizuoka, Japan.

Community responses to international trade policy: A Newfoundland case study

Former TBTI and OFI Master of Arts in Geography student Jack Daly and TBTI Director Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee published an article in Ocean & Coastal Management in March on their research into trade policy and its effect on Newfoundland and Labradors fisheries.