Think Solutions: Think Small-Scale Fisheries, Infinity Fish & Food-Climate Biodiversity

Join us for an afternoon of talks and stories about three large-scale initiatives related to small-scale fisheries across Canada (TBTI Canada), economics and the future of fish and fisheries (Infinity Fish), and solving the sustainability challenges at the food-climate-biodiversity nexus (Solving-FCB).

2024 SSF Regional Symposium

We are pleased to share with you the announcement of the “2024 SSF Regional Symposium” Series, which will be jointly organized by TBTI Global and the local partners. The Symposium is an all-encompassing space to share stories, experiences, and lessons about small-scale fisheries, as well as to discuss and explore options and opportunities for supporting sustainable small-scale fisheries. The theme for the 2024 SSF Regional Symposium is ‘Bright Spots ~ Hope Spots.’

Small-Scale Fisheries Open House – World Ocean Week 2021

During the World Oceans Week (WOW) last June, TBTI partnered with local, national, international and inter-governmental organizations from around the world in organizing the ‘Small is Bountiful’ event that featured a series of online webinars and panel discussions about smalls-scale fisheries.

Happy World Fisheries Day 2020

Each November 21, World Fisheries Day, is a welcomed opportunity to reflect on the ever-increasing knowledge about fishing, fishers, coastal communities, and the status of the oceans and the fish stocks, as well as to recognize the contribution of fishing people who provide food, nutrition and income security to millions of people around the world.

TD online course, fall 2020

The TD training program consists of a series of lectures on theories and main concepts, such as TD, wicked problems, stakeholders, governance and governability, followed by approaches, methods and frameworks to promote sustainability for fisheries and ocean.

TBTI at the WFC2020

“Building capacity for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries” TBTI special session for ‘World Fisheries Congress’11-15 October 2020, Adelaide, Australia Both the diverse values of small-scale fisheries and their multiple challenges highlight the importance of capacity – i.e. capacity of fishing communities, industries, governments and civil society organizations in collectively managing and supporting small-scale fisheries. Capacity development […]