Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries – A Global Scan’

Small-scale fisheries provide livelihoods and food security to millions of women and men around the word. They make important contribution to the local and national economy, as well as represent diverse value, cultural identity and heritage of many coastal communities.

Unlocking Legal and Policy Frameworks for Small-Scale Fisheries: Global Illustrations

This book is another wake-up call to countries around the world and especially to the developing countries whose millions of livelihoods depend on small-scale fisheries, to react to the need of implementing the SSF Guidelines in their own jurisdictions.

Book release: Thinking Big about Small-Scale Fisheries in Canada

This e-book is an exceptionally comprehensive exploration of small-scale fisheries in Canada. It includes a tapestry of narratives, perspectives, and research that spans across the country and along its coasts. The diverse voices in this volume illuminate the profound impact of Canadian small-scale fisheries on the social, cultural, and economic fabric of inshore and coastal communities, and their pivotal role as key stewards of Canada’s aquatic ecosystems.

Book release: Dried Fish Matters – Exploring the Social Economy of Dried Fish

This volume, consisting of essays, recipes, stories, and reflections contributed by members of the Dried Fish Matters partnership, provides a commentary on why dried fish matters – to us as researchers, to the communities in which dried fish is produced and consumed, and to the gastronomic heritage of humanity.

More to Sea

More to Sea is a project and book by Dutch marine governance graduate Mariëlle Klein Lankhorst. After her studies she travelled through Europe in her little marine blue car Babet to interview small-scale fishers.

New e-book release: Portrait of Small-Scale Fishers in the Philippines

The Portrait of Small-Scale Fishers in the Philippines’ is an amazing collection of stories about small-scale fishers who make a living from fishing and fishing related activities across the Philippines.

New e-book release: The Gift of Community

This book is a follow up, or a continuation rather, of the 2019 book titled ‘Life Above Water: Essays on human experiences of small-scale fisheries’. The aim of the the new book is to explain how they come together and how they must be seen as a whole.

New e-book release: Small is scale, big in contributions

This book is a comprehensive guide for small-scale fisheries in Bangladesh for those interested in learning more about this vital sector. It provides an overview of the importance of small-scale fisheries, the challenges they face, and the opportunities they offer.


The book covers a wide range of concepts and themes that help make sense of small-scale fisheries as an important global phenomenon. Prof. Berkes also shares insightful lessons from his prolific academic life, along with some personal stories about the major twists and turns.

E-book: Small-scale fisheries in Africa – a regional portrait

‘Small-Scale Fisheries in Africa: A Regional Portrait’ aims at presenting what small-scale fisheries in Africa look like, how important they are to the livelihoods of millions of people in the continent, and the challenges they are facing, through the contribution of case study profiles by researchers and practitioners engaged in this region.

In the Era of Big Change

In the Era of Big Change <h2>Essays About Japanese Small-Scale Fisheries </h2> <h2>Edited by Yinji Li and Tamano Namikawa</h2> <blockquote> To say that a book is timely does not generate the sense of novelty or curiosity as it once did – the claim is being made too frequently, with numerous books and articles published each […]

Photo E-book ‘The meaning of small: Diverse values of small-scale fisheries’

The Meaning of Small Diverse values of small-scale fisheries A photo e-book to portray the different meaning and importance of small-scale fisheries around the world TBTI has published a “photo e-book” on “The meaning of small: Diverse values of small-scale fisheries”. This volume is coordinated by TBTI the TBTI ‘Diverse SSF Values’ research cluster,  which advocates […]