Special Section on Neoliberalism and North American Small-Scale Fisheries

An article titled “Neoliberalism and the politics of enclosure in North American small-scale fisheries” has recently been published in the Marine Policy journal. The article, written by TBTI members Evelyn Pinkerton and Reade Davis, is an introductory essay to the Marine Policy special issue (Vol. 61), which resulted from TBTI workshop held in Vancouver in June 2013.


The paper provides an overview of the ways in which policies of enclosure, privatization, and deregulation have unfolded in several regions of North America and discusses the consequences these processes have had for small-scale fisheries. Other articles in the volume are available on Marine Policy website.


The article is part of the TBTI ‘Special Section on Neoliberalism and North American Small-Scale Fisheries’, published in Marine Policy (Vol. 61) and guest edited by TBTI cluster coordinators Evelyn Pinkerton and Reade Davis. The issue explores the ways in which neoliberalism has taken hold in North American fisheries policies, reflecting on the lessons about the capacity for small-scale fisheries to survive, adapt, and resist in the face of neoliberal pressures. The special issue is divided in three distinct themes:


  • Neoliberalism and exclusion in North American fishing communities
  • The failures of neoliberal approaches to adapt to local contexts
  • Imagining alternatives: resisting neoliberalization in North American fisheries


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