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Inland fisheries are ubiquitous and provide multi-pronged and significant benefits to society. They are also predominantly small-scale, as they appear in diverse forms of capture and culture practices. However, the current status of inland fisheries that reveal both bright spots and deteriorating conditions are insufficiently known, risking underestimation of their merits, diverting policy and research attention, and inviting further marginalization of the sector.

As part of a broader effort to generate a more coherent understanding of the sector’s integral functions as well as the key factors that pose threats to its maintenance, this compilation aims to create a global-level survey of governance challenges that inland fisheries around the world are facing. In the process, it also seeks to highlight useful lessons for alleviating challenges and thus improving governance.

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Song, A.M., Bower, S.D., Onyango, P., Cooke, S.J., Chuenpagdee, R. (Eds.). (2017). Inter-sectoral governance of inland fisheries. TBTI Publication Series, E-01/2017. Too Big To Ignore-WorldFish. St John’s, Canada.

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Chapter 1. Inter-sectoral governance of inland fisheries: Research needs and foci. Andrew M. Song, Shannon D. Bower, Paul Onyango, Steven J. Cooke and Ratana Chuenpagdee

Chapter 2. Understanding Fishery Conflicts in Hilsa Sanctuaries of Bangladesh. Mohammad Mahmudul Islam, Md. Mostafa Shamsuzzaman, Atiqur Rahman Sunny & Naimul Islam

Chapter 3. Managing Upper Lake Constance Fishery in a Multi-Sector Policy Landscape: Beneficiary and Victim of a Century of Anthropogenic Trophic Change. Jan Baer, Reiner Eckmann, Roland Rösch, Robert Arlinghaus & Alexander Brinker

Chapter 4. Inter-Sectoral Governance in Inland Fisheries: Lake Victoria. Fiona Nunan & Paul Onyango

Chapter 5. A Tale of Two Cities: Similar Ecologies and Diverging Governance of Urban Fisheries in Kolkata and Colombo. Missaka Hettiarachchi & Tiffany Morrison

Chapter 6. Competing Claims in a Multipurpose Lake: Mapping Resource Conflicts on Lake Kariba. Wilson Mhlanga & Kefasi Nyikahadzoi

Chapter 7. Cultural Strengths and Governance Challenges of a Northern Inland Fishery. Pekka Salmi & Matti Sipponen

Chapter 8. Inter-Sectoral Fisheries Governance Issues and Solutions on the Cauvery River, India. Shannon D. Bower , Rajeev Raghavan, Neethi Mahesh , Andy J. Danylchuk & Steven J. Cooke

Chapter 9. Individual Tenure and Commercial Management of Myanmar’s Inland Fish Resources. Xavier Tezzo , Yumiko Kura , Eric Baran & Zizawah

Chapter 10. Modern Acts, Conservation of Fish and Colonial Interest: Inland Fisheries in Mid-Ganga Diara Ecology, India. Vipul Singh & S. K. Gupta

Chapter 11. Governance and Social-Institutional Arrangement of Small-Scale Fisheries and Relationship with Non-Fishery Users in Badagry Creek, Lagos State, Nigeria. Shehu L. Akintola & Kafayat A. Fakoya

Chapter 12. Fishery of Koshi Tappu of Saptakoshi River, Nepal: Way Forward for Sustainable Management. Tek Bahadur Gurung & Umita Sah

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