Special Issue: (En)Gendering Change in Small-scale Fisheries and Fishing Communities in a Globalized World

Authors in this thematic collection have gathered together voices from researchers and practitioners from around the world, with one overarching common approach of using a gender lens to examine the relationship between humans and aquatic resources.

Special Issue: Neoliberalism and global small-scale fisheries

Neoliberalism and global small-scale fisheries Edited by: Evelyn Pinkerton, TBTI ‘SSF Rights’ cluster coordinator Marine Policy, Vol. 80, p. 1-176 This special issue, global in scope, builds on a previous TBTI Special Section/Issue in the November 2015 issue of Marine Policy, which addressed the effect of neoliberalism on North American small-scale fisheries (SSF). This new issue addresses […]

Special Issue: Fisheries and Food Systems: Cross pollinations and synthesis, Aug. 2016

This special issue explores the importance of small-scale fisheries to food systems and food security at local, regional, and global levels.

Special Issue: Enhancing Stewardship in Latin America and Caribbean Small-Scale Fisheries

This special issue represents a unique collection of emergent and pressing issues related to small-scale fisheries in Latin America, built on the outcomes from the TBTI workshop in Curitiba, Brazil (august 2013), and the 2nd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress in Merida, Mexico (September 2014).

Special Issue: Special Section on Neoliberalism and North American Small-Scale Fisheries

This article provides an overview of the ways in which policies of enclosure, privatization, and deregulation have unfolded in several regions of North America and discusses the consequences these processes have had for small-scale fisheries.

Special journal issue: Enhancing ecosystem stewardship in small-scale fisheries

This article synthesizes the main findings from the special issue “Enhancing ecosystem stewardship in small-scale fisheries”, in which contributors explored ecosystem stewardship in three dimensions: impacts, monitoring, and stewardship.