‘Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries – A Global Scan’

Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries – A Global Scan, Volume 1 Editors: Vesna Kerezi, Dorota Kinga Pietruszka & Ratana Chuenpagdee Publisher: TBTI Global Small-scale fisheries provide livelihoods and food security to millions of women and men around the word. They make important contribution to the local and national economy, as well as represent diverse value, […]

Brazil amidst multi-faceted challenges

Small-scale fishing community mobilization in Brazil amidst multi-faceted challenges Oil spill, fishery closure season and Covid-19:A sequence of big challenges for small-scale fishers in Brazil Community organization is vital for Brazilian small-scale fishers. These dynamic, collective efforts help those who are struggling to survive hardship, while at the same time exposing to the public the […]

Small is bountiful – World Oceans Day 2020

June 1-8 events will be live-streamed via YouTube. Subscribe to TBTI YouTube channel & stay up to date! June 1-5 events June 1; noon (UTC) People, COVID-19 and beyond: impacts, adaptation, and innovation among small-scale fisheries The COVID-19 pandemic represents a health crisis and an emerging socioeconomic disaster. In small-scale fisheries, impacts have been wide-ranging, […]

Join us for World Oceans Day 2020

Save the date! June 1-8, 2020 This June, TBTI is partnering with ICSF, FAO and other international and inter-governmental organizations from around the world to celebrate the World Oceans Day by emphasizing the importance of small-scale fisheries for sustainable ocean. All events are virtual (online), and are opened to everyone. June 1-5: We will host […]