Enhancing Stewardship in Latin America and Caribbean Small-Scale Fisheries

Edited by: Maria A. Gasalla and Fabio de Castro

Built on the outcomes from the TBTI workshop in Curitiba, Brazil (august 2013), and the 2nd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress in Merida, Mexico (September 2014), this special issue represents a unique collection of emergent and pressing issues related to small-scale fisheries in Latin America. It comprises of theoretical, methodological and policy-related aspects across a range of topics such as co-management, biodiversity conservation, governance challenges, and territorial tenure, in seven countries – predominantly from South America. This series aims at inciting further consideration of innovative perspectives to bridge local communities, academics, practitioners and policy makers in joint efforts to promote priority action on issues that require immediate attention and transdisciplinary multidimensional outlooks on that important sector.


The introductory article, ‘Enhancing stewardship in Latin America and Caribbean small-scale fisheries: challenges and opportunities’, is written by TBTI members Maria A. Gasalla and Fabio de Castro.