The Meaning of Small

Diverse values of small-scale fisheries

A photo e-book to portray the different meaning and importance of small-scale fisheries around the world

TBTI has published a “photo e-book” on “The meaning of small: Diverse values of small-scale fisheries”. This volume is coordinated by TBTI the TBTI ‘Diverse SSF Values’ research cluster,  which advocates for better understanding and enhanced knowledge about the importance of small-scale fisheries and their various contributions to society. Through the study of values, we gain appreciation for what matters to the people and what is desirable to society. Further, understanding what these values are, how they differ between different regions, and how they influence decisions can lead to better natural resource arrangements.


TBTI aims to portray this plethora of core values through the e-book publication by using visual stimuli such as infographics and photos to convey what small-scale fisheries mean in particular places. We developed a rapid assessment survey to help capture the range of values, based on the scheme suggested by Song and Chuenpagdee (2015).

The book is available as an e-book.


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