Portrait of Small-Scale Fishers in the Philippines

Edited by Alice Joan G. Ferrer & Harold M. Monteclaro

This book deals with these questions: Who are the small-scale fishers in the Philippines? What do they look like? What do their households look like? What is their typical day? How are they doing? How are they treated? What are their contributions? What are their challenges?


This is the first book in the country that seeks to co-create answers to these questions in the form of a compilation of essays and stories on small-scale fishers in the Philippines. The aim is to shed light on the meaning of ‘small’ or ‘small-scale’ by distilling the meaning from the small-scale fishers themselves. In the process, it is giving the small-scale fishers a voice. The book features 83 fishers from 125 contributors in 61 coastal provinces and 2 coastal cities in 16 administrative regions in the country.


There is a lot to learn about fishers in the book. The book is for policy makers, program managers, researchers, teachers, students, and general readers so they can have a better appreciation of the fishers and small-scale fisheries in the country. We look forward to the day when small-scale fishers are no longer labelled as poor, unrecognized, and undervalued but with their rights recognized and respected.

The book is available for free, as an e-book in two sizes: smaller (70MB) and larger (325MB) file.

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