Getting a TBTI hub going in Colombia

At the recently held XVII Colombian Congress of Ichthyology, hosted by the Acictios Network, several TBTI colleagues from Colombia organized a well-attended session whose goal was to introduce the work of TBTI to the research community and gather input that will help guide the establishment of the TBTI Colombia hub.
This special session was organized by Lina M. Saavedra-Díaz, a Professor at the University of Magdalena and the Director of the Research Group on Socioecological Systems for Human Wellbeing (GISSBH) and Adriana Santos, Professor and Director of the National University of Colombia – Caribbean Campus, on the island of San Andrés.

Lina M. Saavedra-Díaz (left) and Adriana Santos

Session participants

The session included presentations about the overall work of TBTI Global and its relevance for Colombia, followed by the overview of the work and deliverables of some TBTI members in Colombia accomplished to date. Afterwards, the attendees were welcomed to share their insights about the relevance of creating the TBTI Colombia hub, advantages and disadvantages of creating such hub, and steps needed to create the hub in Colombia. A portion of the session was reserved for a discussion about which small-scale fisheries topics and issues have been well studied in Colombia and which require more attention.
Our TBTI colleagues in Colombia are planning several other activities in the near future so stay tuned for more updates about the exciting steps leading toward the establishment of another TBTI hub!