Blue Justice - Alert to Action

Join a global campaign to help bring awareness about injustices in small-scale fisheries around the world, by submitting to us a short video recording (2-3 minutes) of fishers’ and communities’ voices about Blue Justice.

The recording should focus on TWO questions: (1) what kind of injustice(s) that small-scale fishers and communities are facing, which the world should know about; (2) what action is needed to address them.

Ask fishers and or community members these questions, and record what they say. It can be in any language as long as you provide a subtitle in English. Please make sure you have their permission to share the recording on the TBTI website. Send as many recordings as you like to [email protected] by 16 February 2024. We will compile them for the release on the World Day of Social Justice, February 20th, as part of ‘Blue Justice – Alert to Action’ Global Campaign.

Send us email if you have question or want more info.