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Launch of TBTI Canada

TBTI Canada was launched on Worlds Fisheries Day with the presentation of the e-book Thinking Big about Small-Scale Fisheries in Canada: Stories, Perspectives, and Research about Small-scale Fisheries in Canada, edited by Evan Andrews and Christine Knott. This book includes stories, perspectives, and research about small-scale fisheries across Canada, taking as a starting point that they are key solutions for a range of issues challenging the sector and the governance. Book authors joined the event, both in-person and virtually, reading excerpts from their chapters. The book is available for free download from the TBTI Global website..

The launch of TBTI Canada, as the 5th TBTI hub in the world, and the first in the Global North is a big step for small-scale fisheries in a country where this sector is not as well recognized as it should be. The celebration was commemorated with a chocolate cake decorated with a green cod fish, courtesy of Mary Londero, TBTI undergrad student. Needless to say, the cake tradition will continue with a launch of a new hub. Who’s up next?




Book release: Thinking Big about Small-Scale Fisheries in Canada

This e-book is an exceptionally comprehensive exploration of small-scale fisheries in Canada. It includes a tapestry of narratives, perspectives, and research that spans across the country and along its coasts. The diverse voices in this volume illuminate the profound impact of Canadian small-scale fisheries on the social, cultural, and economic fabric of inshore and coastal communities, and their pivotal role as key stewards of Canada’s aquatic ecosystems. Given these contributions, the e-book highlights how Canadian small-scale fisheries are key to advance Canada's commitments to sustainability, equity, conservation, and Truth and Reconciliation. By doing so, this volume envisions a new era of support that seeks to amplify Canadian small-scale fisheries, and emerges as a catalyst to fostering a deeper understanding and commitment to the flourishing of small-scale fisheries in Canada and the inland and coastal communities that depend on them. SPACE This e-book is a collection of stories and evidences that can help address the misconception about small-scale fisheries. By virtue, the book is a proof that small-scale fisheries, both Indigenous and non-indigenous, do exist in all Canada’s oceans, coastal and freshwater ecosystems. The chapters illustrate why small-scale fisheries in Canada matter. The contributors provide compelling arguments of why better management and governance of small-scale fisheries is imperative, especially for the overall sustainability. The volume is comprehensive, with 24 chapters of stories, perspectives, and knowledge about small-scale fisheries from across the country, along with the synthesis chapter that ties it all. Policy and governance recommendations are also laid out, based on lessons and reflections from the chapters, taking into consideration the urgent need to address specific issues of justice and equity. Innovative and bold research agenda, along with other activism is necessary, as called for in the volume, in order to ‘think big’ about the sector that is clearly too big to ignore and too important to fail.


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