Situated Transformations of Women and Gender Relations in Small-Scale-Fisheries and Communities in a Globalized World

Second issue of the TBTI thematic collection "(En)gendering Change in Small-Scale Fisheries and Fishing Communities in a Globalized world"

Edited by: Katia Frangoudes, Siri Gerard and Danika Kleiber (TBTI 'Women and Gender' cluster coordinators)

In collaboration with with COST Action Working Group on 'Gendered Seas of the Ocean Past and Platform'

Maritime Studies, Vol. 18, Issue 3


Situated transformations of women and gender relations in small-scale fisheries and communities in a globalized world


Frangoudes, Katia, Siri Gerrard and Danika Kleiber

On the power of a spatial metaphor: Is female to land as male is to sea?


Enrique Alonso-Población and Anke Niehof

Expanding the horizons: connecting gender and fisheries to the political economy


Meryl Williams

Innovative and traditional actions: women’s contribution to sustainable coastal households and communities: examples from Peru and Japan


Delaney, Alyne Elizabeth, Milena Arias Schreiber, and Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto

Women’s engagement in and outcomes from small-scale fisheries value chains in Malawi: effects of social relations


Chikondi Lydia Manyungwa, Mafaniso M. Hara, Sloans K. Chimatiro

Managing Mercado del Mar: a case of women’s entrepreneurship in the fishing industry


Carmen Pedroza-Gutiérrez

Competing for kayabo: gendered struggles for fish and livelihood on the shore of Lake Victoria


Modesta Medard, Han van Dijk and Paul Hebinck

From household business to shareholding companies—impacts on gender relations and influence in fisheries and fish farming in northern Norway


Liv Toril Pettersen

Women fishers in Norway: few, but significant


Siri Gerrard and Danika Kleiber

Fisheries women groups in Japan: a shift from well-being to entrepreneurship


Kumi Soejima and Katia Frangoudes

A vision at sea: women in fisheries in the Azores Islands, Portugal


Alison Laurie Neilson, Rita São Marcos, Kas Sempere, Laurinda Sousa and Clarisse Canha

Gender norms and relations: implications for agency in coastal livelihoods


Sarah Lawless, Philippa Cohen, Cynthia McDougall, Grace Orirana, Faye Siota and Kate Doyle

Enhancing coastal livelihoods in Indonesia: an evaluation of recent initiatives on gender, women and sustainable livelihoods in small-scale fisheries 


Natasha Stacey, Emily Gibson, Neil R. Loneragan, Carol Warren, Budy Wiryawan, Dedi Adhuri and Ria Fitriana


Women’s empowerment, collective actions, and sustainable fisheries: lessons from Mexico


Jorge Torre, Arturo Hernandez-Velasco, Francisco Fernandez Rivera-Melo, Jaime Lopez and Maria Jose Espinosa-Romero