Social wellbeing and the values of small-scale fisheries

Edited by Derek S. Johnson, Tim G. Acott, Natasha Stacey, and Julie Urquhart

This book advances discussions of values in fisheries by showing the rich theoretical insights and connections possible when value is grounded in a multi-dimensional social well being approach. Questions of value have long been a central, if often unacknowledged, concern in maritime studies and in research on fisheries. Social scientists have looked at changing perceptions of value as coastal regions and fisheries have industrialized, economic interconnections have deepened, ecosystems have been depleted, shifts in population have occurred, and governance arrangements have been transformed.

With a focus on the diverse ways in which small-scale fisheries are valued, the contributions to this volume address these and other themes through cases from numerous countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


    • First book-length application of the social wellbeing approach to small-scale fisheries
    • Shows that social and cultural values are at least as important if not more so than economic considerations in fisher and non-fisher assessments of the contributions of small-scale fisheries
    • Promises to stimulate debate and further research about how to measure the contributions of small-scale fisheries

“This volume provides a timely contribution to the development of new approaches that seek to capture the complexity of how fisheries can be understood beyond standard monodimensional, and often economic, interpretations. Each chapter makes a clear and stand-alone contribution to conceptual and methodological advancement, and collectively these works cover a wide range of frameworks and schools of thought.” [Dr Sarah Coulthard, Senior Lecturer in International Development, Northumbria University, UK]


“The list of contributing authors [is] impressive and covers a wide geographical range of illustrative examples, [which] helps to demonstrate the global value of small-scale fisheries.” [Professor J. Allister McGregor, Professor in Political Economy, the University of Sheffield, UK]

Book editors Derek Johnson, Tim Acott, and Natasha Stacey revealing the book cover on July 6, 2017 at the MARE conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands