The small town of Trinity in Newfoundland, Canada. By M. Leis

The impacts of Covid-19 can be overwhelming. Lock-downs across the world are putting all of us in different, increasingly trying situations. Similarly, small-scale fisheries are facing a growing number of challenges. How exactly are they facing these challenges? And who is there to support them? Physical distancing and quarantine measures are changing the way people interact as part of the far-reaching efforts to stop the spreading of Covid-19. The effects on small-scale fisheries are felt throughout the entire fish chain, from harvesting to processing and marketing.

In this uncharted territory, how are small-scale fishers and their communities coping? What issues are they currently facing? How have they responded to those issues? Who has been involved in providing support to small-scale fishing communities? There are many concerns and challenges as small-scale fishers deal with closed markets, fishing restrictions, and in some cases, a lack of proper support.

Hoping to find answer to these questions, TBTI and OFI are gathering news stories about cooperation and solutions that small-scale fishers and their partners are developing in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are doing this with the help of a multidisciplinary team of international students from Memorial University, who have joined our team as part of our Covid-19 Job Initiative.

Written by: Vanessa Eyng and Mirella Leis, Memorial University

Sailing in the sea of uncertainty

Small-scale fisheries, now more then ever, need strong actions and creative solutions, in order to access resources and maintain their income during and after this crisis. Starting this week, we will be posting stories about the effects of Covid-19 on small-scale fisheries as well as efforts and solutions being implemented to support them. We will emphasize whether small-scale fisheries are receiving the kind of support they need, compared to other sectors, as part of the Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries.

Share your story

We are gathering stories about the Covid-19 related issues faced by small-scale fisheries. We are also interested in examples of cooperation and solutions that small-scale fishers and their partners are developing in the context of Covid-19. Stories about how governments and non-governmental organizations are helping small-scale fisheries during this time are also welcomed. To share your story, simply fill out the Google form.

We will collect all the stories received and share it widely as a way to raise awareness on the topic.Share your story

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